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At SDS Builders we offer house extensions across East Sussex, covering Hastings, Rye, Eastbourne and Bexhill as well as surrounding areas. If you’re keen to avoid the sheer upheaval (not to mention multiple costs) of moving house, we can’t say we blame you. A home extension offers much-needed living space, while also adding to the value of your property – could it be the perfect alternative to moving for you?

Could you use an extra dining room, bedroom, bathroom, study or gym area? Or maybe just another room in which younger members of your household can just relax and watch TV without disturbing anyone? It may be absolutely ideal if you’re starting to feel you have outgrown your current property, but are reluctant to pack up and move to a new area.

You could extend upwards into your loft, add to the side of your home, or consider installing a conservatory – the choice is yours.

Talk to us about extending your home

It’s true there are a few things to think through before you decide to have an extension built – not least of which is the building firm you decide to appoint to undertake the work.

At SDS Builders, we’re very much a family-run firm, based in Hastings and covering a large geographical area including much of East Sussex. And we can draw on more than four decades of industry experience – so talk to us before you talk to anyone else.

And as well as building your extension, we can supply all the services needed to finish it to a sky-high standard, from painting and decorating to electrical installation and carpentry.

We’ve worked on a huge range of commercial and domestic sites, so whatever you need, the chances are we’ve already worked on something similar locally, and can put you in touch with the customer or show you images.

SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd
SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd

Bespoke to your requirements

Your extension will be completed to your precise requirements, whether you want a loft or garage conversion, single or double-storey extension or anything else. It can be tailored to suit your family’s particular needs, and, what’s more, you don’t always have to apply for planning permission to have one. Our projects have involved flat conversions, structural wall removal and a lot more besides.

Equally, we fully appreciate the scale of any extension project, and the commitment and investment involved. We work hard to minimise disruption to your daily life, whatever the size of the job, and always clean up after ourselves. Offering a clear, fixed pricing structure, we’ve earned our reputation across our area for providing a reliable, efficient and hassle-free service.

Get in touch

Give us a call on (01424) 756069 or 07768 800318 today for an initial, no-obligation chat. We never put pressure on anyone to proceed, and will want to make sure you fully understand what you need, and are ready to go ahead, long before we start work.

SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd


What services does SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd offer for house extensions?

SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd offers house extension services across East Sussex, including loft conversions, garage conversions, single or double-storey extensions, and conservatory installations. They also offer painting and decorating, electrical installation, and carpentry services to finish the extension.

Which areas do SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd cover for house extensions?

SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd covers a large geographical area, including Hastings, Rye, Eastbourne, Bexhill, and surrounding areas in East Sussex.

How can a home extension benefit a homeowner?

A home extension can add much-needed living space to a property, as well as increase the value of the property. It can also provide additional rooms for various purposes, such as a dining room, bedroom, bathroom, study, gym area, or leisure area for younger members of the household.

What are the different types of house extensions that SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd offers?

SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd offers various types of house extensions, including loft conversions, garage conversions, single or double-storey extensions, and conservatory installations.

Does a homeowner need planning permission to have a house extension?

Not always. SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd acknowledges that planning permission is not always necessary to have a house extension.

How does SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd ensure minimal disruption to a homeowner's daily life during the extension project?

SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd works hard to minimize disruption to a homeowner’s daily life, whatever the size of the job, and always cleans up after themselves. They also offer a clear, fixed pricing structure and a reliable, efficient, and hassle-free service.

How long has SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd been in the industry?

SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd has over four decades of industry experience.

Does SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd only offer house extensions?

No. SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd also offers other services, including bathroom installation, kitchen installation, decorating, and carpentry.

How can a homeowner contact SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd for house extension services?

A homeowner can contact us by calling 01424756069 or 07768 800318 for an initial, no-obligation chat. SDS Builders & Decorators Ltd does not pressure anyone to proceed and will want to ensure the homeowner fully understands their needs and is ready to go ahead long before starting work.