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Which improvements will add most value to your home?

At SDS Builders, we’re construction project managers with extensive industry experience. We’re often asked about which home improvements are most likely to enhance a property’s value, so we thought we’d outline our thoughts here.

Obviously, cleaning, decluttering and painting (preferably in neutral tones) are all important for a house sale – but what about the more extensive and permanent improvements to your property?

After all, house prices have generally come down after the end of the Stamp Duty ‘holiday’, so you will boost your chances of a good sale if you make some improvements. Equally, you may decide to follow the mantra of ‘improving, not moving.’ Either way, here is our list of the most value-adding enhancements.

#1 Putting in a new bathroom

If you install a new bathroom, and get it right, it could really pay off. To keep costs low, stick with your current layout, choose a shower that doesn’t need pipes to be chased into the wall, and go for wall-mounted rather than wall-hung cabinets. Buy a whole bathroom suite, not its individual components, for greater savings.

Fitting a new bathroom can add up to 3% to the value of your home. However, for a new bathroom to have an impact, the rest of your home also has to be in good condition.

#2 Don’t forget the outside of your house

Poor ‘kerb appeal’ can knock up to 5% off a home’s value, so pay attention to exterior painting, add some hanging baskets and replace or spruce up your front door – you can even do this cheaply with new and smart-looking hardware.

#3 Installing a new kitchen

Installing a new kitchen can potentially add between 5% and 10% to the value of your home. And if your current kitchen is looking somewhat worn and tired, it could be well worth the investment. After all, it may be a cliché, but it really is the heart of your home. Just be careful to keep this improvement in proportion to your property’s overall value.

#4 Garage conversions

Be sure you want to give up your garage if you live somewhere where off-street parking is at a premium. But, generally speaking, a garage conversion creates invaluable square feet which you could use for any number of purposes. What’s more, you typically don’t even need planning permission. This type of improvement can (generally speaking) add up to 15% to the value of your home.

#5 Loft conversions

A loft conversion can give you an extra room or a stunning view over the garden and really ramp up your property’s appeal, although it needs to be done well. In an urban area, building upwards is an obvious way of adding space. Again, this will give your house price a lift, to the tune of up to 15%. But, of course, the job has to be completed to a high standard.


What we offer at SDS Builders

At SDS Builders, we can help with all of these improvements and more, with fixed prices and a hassle-free, family-focused approach.

Talk to us today to learn more and for an initial chat or free quote – we never give anyone the hard sell.